"Relationships are the cause and cure....."

Alex Wittmann

Counsellor & 

Adult Educator


Important relationships are more than "compatibilities" and "better communication skills". 

More than negotiation, diplomacy and the exchange of favours. 

Healthy relationships are about deep awareness (of self and others), intimacy, connectedness and mutual development: which in turn drives what (and how) you communicate, and how you behave (spontaneously and genuinely). 

They're about nurturing your true self while growing closer to others.

Alex Wittmann: Masters of Counselling, Bachelor of Adult Ed. 
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My Blog 

Feel free to view a resources library from a Meetup Group I run. It's a growing document of links to podcasts, video talks, webpages and documents for all to access.


"Alex has been a tremendous help to me. In one of the toughest times I had been through Alex was able to provide insightful advice and resources that have guided me in a positive direction. He exudes patience, understanding and true compassion in each session. I am incredibly grateful for what I've learned in coping with difficult situations. Thank you Alex for giving me the ability to find happiness again when I didn't think I could."


"Alex is a warm and sensitive man who also happens to know what he is talking about. Thank you for your acceptance and caring, you have been a big part of my healing and I can never thank you enough."

Meetup Group Member

"Suncare Community Services had the pleasure of engaging AMWCounselling, to conduct a series of workshops for carers.  The topics offered by Alex provided carers with tools that encouraged them to change negative feelings to positive ones and promote better emotional health for both the carer and the person they care for.  The carers felt Alex was approachable, he encouraged the group to work together and they felt valued and important.  Thank you Alex for a wonderful series of workshops that connected with our clients."

Kellie Griffiths - Toombul Centre Manager

"From all the 30 meet up groups in Brisbane I was a member of - Relationship Ed was my favourite because I walked away a little more enlightened than when I walked in." Meetup Group Member 

"Alex is an accomplished speaker and knows his subject" Suncare Client

"he changed my way of viewing situations" Suncare Client

No matter it is Valentine or not !


El Abrazo (Heartly Hug)

Couple in Evening Sun


I aim to develop strategies, knowledge and skills for peoples' immediate concerns and future goals. More than 'fixing', it's about personal development and flourishing, and the ongoing growth of relationships - two key ingredients for happiness. 

I do this by working to match progressive psychotherapy and time-honoured research-based wisdom, to client's unique characteristics, strengths and situation. My diverse work/life experiences and qualifications support an informed, pragmatic yet sensitive approach.

Practically, this means a client-centred approach that integrates models of therapy (such as CBT, Psycho-education, Solution-Oriented and Interpersonal therapies). My areas of therapeutic focus include:
  • Individual Therapy for:   
    • Childhood Neglect, Abuse & Trauma
    • Grief & Loss
    • Depression, Fear and Anxiety
    • Loneliness
    • Relationship Issues
    • Sex, Sexuality and Intimacy Struggles
    • Stress & Anger
    • Addiction or Substance Abuse issues
    • Personal Growth & Development
    • Life-Meaning and Spiritual explorations 

Qualifications and Background
Masters qualified Counsellor and degree qualified Adult Educator – with a work/life history that includes military service, education and training, business consulting and counselling. 


  • Counselling Single Person:   $100ph (130 for 1.5)                              
  • Counselling Couples:           $130ph (160 for 1.5)                                 
  • Skype & Phone Sessions:     $80 per hr
  • Group Work/Training:           $150 per hr
  • Court Referral Letters:          $1000 – after 6 session minimum
Please call 0421028117 to discuss or arrange an appointment.
Or Email: amwcounselling@gmail.com

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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning." Albert Einstein


What's wrong with me?

A question we often ask ourselves, especially when things go wrong. The short answer however is nothing! As Michael White puts it:

“The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.”

My aim is to support you in addressing the problem.

(For a more detailed exploring of this topic click here)

*Only if confidentiality and privacy requirements can be accommodated.