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Depth Therapist - Adult Educator - Supervisor

Alex Wittmann


Depth Therapy

Depth Therapy focuses on human 'foundational elements' for healing, growth and wellbeing.

These include: Sense-of-Self and Identity; Life Meaning and Purpose; Emotional Maturity; and the Capacity to Connect (to self, others, nature/environment, and whatever you consider 'spiritual').

It's an organic, growth-oriented, 'bottom-up' approach to mental wellbeing, personal efficacy, and deeper connections (vs 'top-down'/symptomatic approaches of willpower-driven-behavioural-change, learned strategies, and over-reliance on medication).


Relationships here are seen as more than "compatibility" and scripted "communication skills". More than negotiation, diplomacy and reciprocation of behaviours or favours. 

Instead, they are about deep 'knowing' of self and others, emotional intimacy, and mutual growth: this in turn drives what (and how) we communicate, and how we behave (spontaneously and authentically). 


Healthy relationships are about nurturing your true self while growing closer to others.



Counselling - Single Person:   $120ph (150 for 1.5)

Counselling - Couples:   $160ph (200 for 1.5)

Video Sessions:   -$20 from above

Group Work/Training:   $250ph

Contact Details


Mobile: 0421 028 117


Brisbane CBD, Greenslopes & Online Services

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