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Qualifications & Background


Masters qualified Counsellor and degree qualified Adult Educator – with a work/life history that includes military service, aircraft maintenance engineering, adult education and training, and business consulting.


Approach to Counselling


I'm considered a Generalist Counsellor who supports people (youth and adults) through a range of issues. I see counselling as a collaborative process to develop strategies, knowledge and skills for immediate concerns and future goals. A process that's less about 'fixing' and more about personal healing, transformation and flourishing. 


In my work I integrate knowledge from modern psychotherapeutic education, neuroscience, mind-body research, and time-tested wisdom traditions. We then match these to client's unique characteristics, strengths and situation.

My diverse work/life experiences and qualifications support an informed, pragmatic and sensitive approach.

Practically, this means a client-centred approach that integrates models of therapy (such as CBT, Psycho-education, Existential Therapy, Solution-Oriented and other Interpersonal therapies).


My areas of therapeutic focus include individual therapy for:   
Childhood Neglect, Abuse & Trauma
Grief & Loss
Depression, Fear & Anxiety
Relationship Issues
Stress, Carers Fatigue & Burnout
Emotion Regulation & Processing
Addiction or Substance Abuse
Personal Growth & Development
Life-Meaning & Spiritual explorations 

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